Professor Andrew Biankin

Tailoring treatments for pancreatic cancer

Survival from pancreatic cancer has changed little over recent decades, and we’re committed to saving more lives from this terrible disease. One of the biggest challenges doctors face is choosing the best treatment for each individual patient diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, to give them the best chance.

Professor Biankin, a world leader in pancreatic cancer, is unearthing the genetic and molecular secrets hidden within the biggest collection of pancreatic tumour samples in the world. His findings could lead to better ways of matching therapies to patients, and uncover new avenues for treatment.

Increasing survival from pancreatic cancer is one of our top priorities, and research like Professor Biankin’s is vital to help more people survive.

Read an interview with Professor Biankin on our blog.

Pancreatic cancer
Cancer biology
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Wolfson Wohl Cancer Research Centre, University of Glasgow, Glasgow