Meet our researchers

We fund pioneering researchers across the whole of the UK, working hard to beat cancer. Here’s a selection of some of them.

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Name Project Location
David Adams Searching for new faulty genes in cancer Cambridge
Ann Ager Giving cancer-fighting cells a boost by helping them home in on cancers Cardiff
John Anderson Using the immune system to tackle childhood cancers London
Duncan Baird Tackling telomeres – the long and short of it Cardiff
Chris Bakal Probing cancer cells' shape-shifting abilities London
Fran Balkwill Developing new treatments for ovarian cancer London
David Barford Understanding the biology of cancer cells Cambridge
Francis Barr Studying cell growth to find new treatment targets Oxford
Richard Bayliss Working out the shape of molecules to drive drug development Leeds
Andrew Biankin Tailoring treatments for pancreatic cancer Glasgow
Tim Bishop Towards a better understanding of melanoma Leeds
Judith Bliss Improving treatments for breast cancer London
Sarah Bohndiek Developing cutting-edge imaging to detect and monitor cancer Cambridge
Dominique Bonnet Tackling acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) London
James Brenton Improving ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment Cambridge