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Help us maximise the impact of your research by telling us about your publications.

We want to maximise the impact of the research that we fund by:

  • Ensuring that it is widely disseminated in the research community
  • Helping patients and the public understand the importance of new discoveries
  • Showing donors and supporters the impactful research they help fund

We can only do this if you tell us before you publish your research to give us time to prepare any communications content. So if you receive CRUK funding, you must let us know when you submit a paper or other research results.

Who does this apply to?

  • If your research is funded by us, you must let us know when you submit a paper, when an abstract is accepted at a conference, or other results of your research.
  • If your salary is paid by us we are interested in everything you publish, even if it's largely funded by other sources.

What do I need to do?

  • Complete our online form to let us know when your paper is submitted.
  • Ideally the authors of the paper should complete the form, but an assistant can do this on your behalf.
  • Let us know about your paper before it is published (ideally let us know when the paper is submitted). The earlier we hear about it, the more we can do to support it.
  • Try to include your grant reference number, but this field can be left blank if you don’t have it.

The information you provide is confidential: only a small group of CRUK staff will see it before it is published and you will be fully consulted on any activity that is planned.

If your work is relevant to the Centre for Drug Development and/or the Cancer Research Horizons team, you must discuss this with them before publication.

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